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Passion & Dedication for Quality

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Extraordinary circumstances

In case of an upcoming or already ongoing product and/ or project escalation do not hesitate to get in touch. During a first exchange of information next steps will be discussed on how to  bring the project back-on-track - ASAP.

Die Analyse der Daten


How bad is it? ...and can we improve?

If you would like to start walking on the path of continuous improvement it often makes sense to get together for 1 - 2 days on-site. The considerations been made during that time should find their way in the shape of an action plan - to be realized with or without BVPI - it always seems beneficial to create a concrete work result. The customer can just take that output though it gets recommended to keep sustainably working together from that point on.



Step-by-step for stable success

The sustainable long-term support is the essential core of the BVPI process improvement concept. And one thing being said – already small successes create great ROIs securing further collaboration. Still, it remains true that after those first successes gains are realized but no further improvements are taken place. This might be true for about half of the customers. Therefore, BVPI strongly advises against that wrong track and instead recommends a long term beneficiary relationship of constant data based improvement – show casing that best-practice improvement starts when your competitors already stop.

Abstract Paper Cutouts


When "something" is different - what to do next?

Sometimes it is just preferable to solve a specific problem. Especially for tricky issues which might deal a big blow to quality standards or cause a high number of defects the Six Sigma (6σ) methodology is known to be a goal-driven promising approach to crack even the hardest nuts.



is the key

Solving the problems in our work environment takes more than everything any one person knows, but not more than we know together. Therefore, best practices are achieved in an interdisciplinary collaboration. Also for the desired sustainibility of those results we will need to all work together.

Brainstorming zum Erfolg


all the way to the success

Other than the already mentioned competences there are many more meaningful approaches for a successful collaboration. Highly individualized and based on the customer needs, a wide and diverse spectrum of problems is placed in good hands to be dealt with. Holistically with progress all the way to success and beyond.

No more time to waste - let's do it!


Danke für's Absenden!

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